The new integrity
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The innovative features

Innovative patented Flow-Through Desorption (FTD™) for the direct elution of DBS samples from filter paper cards enabling a fully automated DBS workflow.

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Intelligent Vision Camera (IVC™) provides accurate positioning of DBS cards in the leak-tight clamp, 2D sample bar code identification, full or partial spot desorption, and full image capture for sample information storage, tracking and traceability.

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Automated Internal Standard Addition (AISA™) to the DBS sample during desorption of a blood spot.


Rapidly heats solvents just prior to desorption of a DBS sample to maximize sample recovery.

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SparkLink™ 5.2

A universal software platform across Spark Holland's instruments for quick integration of the DBS Autosampler™ with other Spark Holland instruments and/or third party systems. Includes direct control mode for OEM development.

Extended Sample Capacity

Extend sample capacity up to 96 cards with the card gripper, card rack and card rack carrier accessories to turn your XYZ robot into an integrated XYZ card handler robot mounted over the DBS Autosampler.

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What I demand from an autosampler
Sample integrity

Sample integrity is of vital importance and secured by our new IVC™ and AISA™ technologies, as well as SparkLink™ 5.2 control software. Feel confident about your results!

Carry over

Wash and dry protocols in SparkLink™ 5.2 to rinse clamp fluid lines with selected solvents and to dry the clamp compartments.

The convenience of full automation

Each feature of the DBS Autosampler™ is designed to complement the convenience of DBS sampling technology with no manual intervention required to convert DBS samples to liquid samples.


Could Spark Holland's FTD™ technology be what's needed in your automated DBS process solution? From dedicated systems to instruments and modules, Spark Holland will develop and manufacture a custom OEM solution with FTD™ technology to enhance your competitive advantage. Share your ideas and let us implement On The Spot Sampling in a system for you.

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